Racket Rum Club - Honorary Member #12 - Tony Veitch

    • Racket Rum Club - Tony Veitch

Radio presenter Tony Veitch had his Racket Rum Club honorary membership reinstated last night at a celebrity function in downtown Auckland.

Veitch's membership was originally suspended after a small misunderstanding in 2009 that nobody can remember, and Veitch graciously accepted his reinstatement by handing out signed screenshots of his social media pages and reading a twelve page list of every former All Black he has interviewed, or stood close to at a press conference.

Veitch spent the following ninety minutes pointing at people from across the room, Googling himself, and profusely agreeing with anybody who vaguely resembled a professional athlete.

Veitch's close personal friend Matthew Ridge was unable to attend the event and generate much-needed work for Auckland's struggling emergency glaziers and night shift paramedics, however Ridge provided a hand-written congratulation message that was largely illegible, but most likely very touching.

Veitch was kind enough to remove his forearm from the anus of an NZME spokesperson long enough to allow him to describe Veitch as "a white male" and "on the radio".

Tony Veitch

Racket Rum Club Honorary Member #12

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