Meet The DJs: Flex Webster

    • flex3

Vladivostok's leading John Lennon impersonator has been a regular member of Racket's DJ team since arriving in Auckland on a deep sea fishing trawler in late-2010.

The 47-year-old former arms dealer has a diverse musical repertoire, ranging from golden age hip hop to Russian Orthodox bell ringing, and regularly plays 24-hour sets without drink, meal, cigarette or toilet breaks. 

As with all foreign-born staff, Racket management securely hold Webster's passport in an undisclosed location and pay his wages with second-hand jeans, McDonald's vouchers, a dial-up internet connection, and emergency access to rudimentary medial supplies.

When not performing at the venue, Racket management assumes Webster is playing faultless chess in public parks, distilling high-proof vodka in remote rural locations, swimming in exceptionally cold water, rioting after unsatisfactory football results, reading complicated works of fiction by candlelight, and generally behaving in strict accordance with all prevailing stereotypes.

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