Racket Rum Club - Honorary Member #14 - Jordan Mauger

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Mauger was accepted into the Racket Rum Club last night after winning a brutal 10-week elimination battle with twelve other aspiring 45-year-old actor-slash-entrepreneurs. 

Challenges included the looking-away-from-a-full-length-mirror test and the dreaded talk-about-another-person-without-mentioning-yourself-competition. Despite finishing mid-field in the challenge round, psychometric testing and reference checks revealed Mauger has the misplaced self-confidence, limited acting credentials and potential inheritance required for Rum Club membership, and Rum Club members were ultimately swayed by his ability to infantilise adult women while wearing singlets made for a large summer vacation-themed teddy bear.

The talented self-admirer's hobbies include; classic cars, Jordan Mauger, describing what's happening as it's happening, taking credit for organising perfunctory mid-budget dates, telling unverifiable stories about international travel, and timid kissing.

Mauger openly admits to catching the travel bug after leaving high school, but denies willfully transmitting it  to any Rum Club members since his acceptance last night.

Rum Club members contacted last night described Mauger as "bipedal" "younger than he looks" and "male".

Jordan Mauger

Racket Rum Club Honorary Member #14

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