Meet The Staff: Josh 'Fingerprints' Ramsay

    • Josh Ramsay Racket

Like the rest of Racket's Scottish bar staff, venue manager Josh Ramsay mixes easy banter with sudden bursts of sentimentality and unprovoked violence, often in a single, unintelligible sentence.

Ramsay's Celtic leadership style has made Racket a leading destination for cottaging, football rioting, unplanned teen pregnancy, and sectarian playfights, with Lonely Planet describing Ramsay as 'a bit touchy' and 'of interest to authorities'. Ramsay's renowned collection of jewellery from missing English backpackers is on display in the Auckland Central Police evidence room and Ramsay is currently managing the venue remotely from an undisclosed location in the Waitakere ranges.

Persons encountering Ramsay in his highly fortified bivouac should refrain from making direct eye contact and should attempt to placate Ramsay with whisky, Subbuteo and second-hand Zoo magazines.

Vital Statistics:

Name: Josh Ramsay

Hobbies: Wearing kilts at weddings, playing bagpipes on lonely windswept hillsides and barely tolerating lazy Scottish stereotypes for the sake of poorly paid employment.

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