Racket Rum Club - Honorary Member #15 - Michael Van de Elzen

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Half Kevin Spacey from American Beauty, half neighbourhood window-watcher from your darkest nightmares, Michael Van de Elzen is an internationally renowned chef who has transformed the fabric of New Zealand cultural life.

Van de Elzen stumbled upon the mobile food concept while reconnoitering suburban streets in the early nineties, and combined the concept with his first-hand experience of the basic healthy food ethos preferred in most low-medium security prisons, to create his first ratings hit, The Food Truck. Van de Elzen is now the undisputed star of Kiwi Living, a magazine-style show for double-digit-IQ viewers that seamlessly blends food, fashion and not-jokes.

Van de Elzen's career trajectory is limited only by the fact that he is legally unable to leave the country, or enter any others, leaving him no option but to slowly colonise the entire TVNZ schedule show-by-show with his incomparable range of deconstructed Weetbix recipes and lingering glances.

Racket Rum Club Honorary Member #15

Michael Van de Elzen

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