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We have some of the best dishes which can complement your drinks, allowing you to have the best time with amazing food. We will make sure that you stay entertained with soothing music and your friends.

Top NZ Restaurants

We are one of the best names when it comes to restaurants in New Zealand. We want to make sure that we are keeping the quality best which allows you to stay on top always.

Amisfield Bistro – Central Otago

A place which will allow you to have the best which can bring the change which is required to help keep you entertained.

Paris Butter – Auckland

Want easy access to Paris Food? Paris Butter is your best bet.

Chameleon – Wellington

Want to enjoy food for its dramatic visual appeal as well as the taste, Chameleon is the place to be.

Salty Pidgin – Wellington

Another beautiful place to help ensure that you get food which will keep your one the edge of your seat.

Field & Green – Wellington

Field and Green is a place where all the organic people can enjoy the food start from the farm to plate.

Inati – Canterbury

Lat but not to least, a dessert place which you cannot resist Inati is just the right end to your food adventure.

New Zealand Cuisines

New Zealand cuisine is unique to the place as they make the best of what is available to them.


  • This is one of the best ways which can allow you to get access to the traditional and cultural side of New Zealand.

Savoury Pies

  • Savoury pies are a hit in New Zealand as it will help them have a stomach full of yumminess.

Hokey Pokey Ice Cream

  • A hokey pokey ice cream is the one dessert that you cannot miss when you are in New Zealand.


The Pubs, Bars and Nightclubs

The places that you visit in New Zealand is unique as they have mastered a certain way to bring in customers which adds the right appeal to these places.


“The music that they offer can be calm soothing, especially after a heavy day.”

“New Zealand is the place to be, especially if you are looking to go to a club jumping.”

“The food here is amazing and a blend of spices which makes everything beautiful.”





Latest From Blog

Auckland’s MASU Restaurant: Robata Cooking with a Twist

Auckland’s MASU Restaurant: Robata Cooking with a Twist

Sky City Casino in Auckland is a home to numerous bars, restaurants, and various entertainment venues including the biggest and best-known casino in New Zealand. A perfect destination for locals and visitors alike, it was on my go-to list since the first day I arrived to the country.

As much as I wanted to try everything Sky City has to offer especially in terms of food, the number of options is so big that it would take me way too long to go through them all. Also, as much as I love a good meal, having several lunches one after another just isn’t doable, especially if you actually want to enjoy the food you’re eating.

So, upon reaching Sky City and walking around for a while, the decision fell to MASU restaurant. It was already on my shortlist of choices as Japanese cuisine is one of my favorites and I was really curious to see the new twist promised in their web presentation.

Stylish & Authentic Experience

The moment I set the foot inside the MASU restaurant I was pleasantly surprised by the interior. Although the virtual tour gave me some idea of what to expect, the place looks even better when you’re actually inside. The whole setup provides an authentic feeling you’d expect from a nice restaurant doing robata dishes.

I’ve went with kihada maguro (yellowfin tuna) sashimi and I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the taste. The promised ‘twist’ could definitely be felt and I must admit that personally, I found it better-tasting than the traditional dish.

Of course, I just had to try sake as well. MASU offers their very own sake, which is produced at a local brewery, adding further uniqueness to the whole experience. While I’m not a huge fan of sake in general, it was pretty good.

In the end, my bill came out to around $20, which was more than acceptable. Auckland isn’t a cheap city and Sky City is one of the premier locations so paying twenty bucks for a nice lunch inside such a stylish venue is nothing out of the ordinary. I’m not saying I could afford to do it every day but it was a nice food adventure.

But Free Lunch Is Better, Right?

Although I was fine paying $20 for the lunch, I simply couldn’t resist the idea of heading over to Sky City Casino and trying to recoup my ‘losses’. In all honesty, it was probably just an excuse as I wanted to visit the casino anyways and this was the perfect opportunity.

It is definitely one of the more impressive casinos I’ve had a chance to visit. There are more than 2,000 slots inside and dozens of table games. The place wasn’t that packed as it was barely past noon when I got there but I can imagine the atmosphere here gets pretty lively during nights, especially on weekends.

My (first) visit to Sky City Casino wasn’t a long one as I had other arrangements so I ended up playing a few slots and managed to run away with $50 profit. I understand that gambling isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and if you don’t like putting your own money on the line visit this website to learn more about no deposit bonuses and how to claim them. This will give you a chance to play online with no risk whatsoever and if you get lucky and win, you can use that money to get a nice meal and maybe even check out Sky City Casino. It’s well worth a shot at least! If you’re not from New Zealand, but a foreigner I recommend this site instead. They have listed a more international range of online casinos offering no deposit bonuses.

Racket Bar in Britomart, New Zeland – Review

Racket Bar in Britomart, New Zeland – Review

Britomart is a popular destination among travellers for its growing nightlife. There are plenty of pubs that offer comfort and entertainment to the guests. Racket is one such spacious bar that where you can crash for the evening and have a great time. It is located in the Rouaki Lane down in a dark alley, and yet it manages to gather plenty of crowds.


Racket bar has great looks decorated with dim lights and a post-industrial vibe. The flooring and walls have wooden finish complimenting the furniture and the bar table.  The shelves at the back of the bar have cigars that can be smoked. The dim lights fall in the spirits that are neatly lined up behind the bar. It is an overall feeling of warmth that can make the customers comfortable on a chilly night. If anyone is interested in listening to music, there is a real piano present in the room which the artists for the night use along with other equipment.



If one takes time to walk down the alley to reach the Racket bar, It is highly unlikely that they will not be drinking, unless they just wanted to catch up with their friends. The bar excels in providing a wide variety of spirits, wine, and a decent beer collection. You can either sit at the bar bench or relax at a table to order from the menu. You can comfortably spend time to go through their menu and try our foods and beverages of your choice. The waiting staff will help you in receiving your food and drinks while you enjoy the show.

The food for Racket is prepared in the kitchen of its sister establishment alongside the bar, Agents and Merchants. Both the bar and restaurant offers people of all tastes to mingle around, eat, and have a great time.


Racket bar is a very casual place for friends and loners to hang out. It gives a comfortable environment to all types of people which makes them feel different in a nice way. You will be greeted by a friendly bartender who makes sure that he makes the perfect balance of drinks while making his recipe. And while you wait you can enjoy a free beer, only if the bartender is in a good mood. It is a far more down to earth place than a commercial bar and restaurant.


Even though the bar entertains parties and celebrations, the place is always calm and easy-going. It is the nature and feel of the bar, which allows people to relax automatically. Unlike the noisy and active bars around New Zealand, Racket bar is more of a comfort and cosy hangout place. A must evening visit for anyone travelling to Britomart, New Zealand.

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